Happy Hour Posters (PM1) - Zone Grise - Pharmacovigilance 1

mardi 14 juin 2022
Sessions posters
Sessions posters S48 15h00 > 16h30 Happy Hour Posters (PM1) - Zone Grise - Pharmacovigilance 1 Atrium + Hall d'accueil Sessions posters

Modérateurs : Elisabeth POLARD (Rennes), Laurent CHOUCHANA (Paris)


PM1-025 PM1-025 - Immune checkpoint inhibitors induced liver injury: an observational study > P. Pascale PALASSIN PM1-026 PM1-026 - Evolution of adverse drug reactions with aprotinin reported in Vigibase® over time > C. Clémence HUYNH PM1-027 PM1-027 - Adverse drug reactions of carfilzomib: study in the French Pharmacovigilance Database > K. Killian KFARLAN PM1-029 PM1-029 - OFF label use in Burgundy-Franche Comte region: an overview of the practices to improve the public health messages > M-B. Marie-Blanche VALNET RABIER PM1-030 PM1-030 - Clinical Trials : Nature and Impact of New Safety Information reported between 2017 and 2021 by Vigilance Unit of Rennes University Hospital > C. Catherine MOUCHEL PM1-031 PM1-031 - Impact of vaccine hesitancy on onset and severity of adverse events > A. Ayoub LARABI

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