Happy Hour Posters (PM1) - Zone verte - Pharmacologie clinique

mardi 14 juin 2022
Sessions posters
Sessions posters S46 15h00 > 16h30 Happy Hour Posters (PM1) - Zone verte - Pharmacologie clinique Atrium + Hall d'accueil Sessions posters

Modérateurs : Edouard OLLIER (Saint-Priest-En-Jarez), Mikaïl NOURREDINE (Lyon)


PM1-009 PM1-009 - Identification of new candidate drugs for primary Sjögren’s syndrome using a drug repurposing transcriptomic approach > R. Renaud FELTEN PM1-010 PM1-010 - Development of new tacrolimus C0-based metrics and their association with new onset diabetes mellitus in renal transplant patients > A. Alexandre Destere PM1-011 PM1-011 - Alteration of the gastrointestinal epithelium in transplant patients under mycophenolic acid therapy > C. Clarisse Brossier PM1-012 PM1-012 - Pharmacological data of a successful short cycle therapy (ANRS QUATUOR Trial) > E. Emuri ABE PM1-013 PM1-013 - Use of amoxicillin/clavulanate in severe alcoholic hepatitis: preliminary safety data from the Antibiocor-HAA study > C. Camille Potey PM1-014 PM1-014 - Clinical trials in times of pandemic: adapting without losing quality (2/2). Construction of a collaborative international meta-trial. > P-F. Pierre-François DEQUIN PM1-015 PM1-015 - Daptomycin efficacy and safety for treatment of Gram positive infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis > J-C. Jean-Christophe Lega PM1-016 PM1-016 - The conservative iron chelation in Parkinson's disease, preliminary safety data about hematological tolerance from the FAIR-PARK II study > C. Céline LECLERCQ

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