Happy Hour Posters (PM2) - Zone jaune - Neuropsychopharmacologie

mercredi 15 juin 2022
Sessions posters
Sessions posters S23 10h00 > 11h00 Happy Hour Posters (PM2) - Zone jaune - Neuropsychopharmacologie Atrium + Hall d'accueil Sessions posters

Modérateurs : Julie DEGUIL (Lille), Guillaume HACHE (Marseille)


PM2-001 PM2-001 - Updated prevalence of potentially inappropriate prescriptions in older adults in France (2017). > M-L. Marie-Laure LAROCHE PM2-002 PM2-002 - Assessment of alprazolam abuse: data from the French addictovigilance network > H. Hélène PEYRIERE PM2-003 PM2-003 - Abuse and dependence potential of diazepam: Addictovigilance data > A. Amélie DAVELUY PM2-004 PM2-004 - First-line use and misuse of weak opioids: a repeated cross-sectional study between 2012 and 2018 in France > A. Allison SINGIER PM2-005 PM2-005 - Covid-19 vaccines and Guillain-Barré syndrome: a perspective from spontaneous report data > B. Blandine Bertin PM2-006 PM2-006 - Pharmacological inhibition of lysosomal glucocerebrosidase activity in experimental cellular models of Parkinson’s disease > M-A. Marie-Amandine Bonte

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