Communications libres – Thème Pharmacosurveillance - Addictovigilance

mercredi 15 juin 2022
Sessions parallèles
Sessions parallèles S21 08h30 > 09h30 Communications libres – Thème Pharmacosurveillance - Addictovigilance Amphi Congrès Sessions parallèles

Modérateurs : Sylvie DEHEUL (Lille), Caroline VICTORRI-VIGNEAU (Nantes)

Communications libres

CO-043 CO-043 - The opioid epidemic: a worldwide exploratory study using the WHO pharmacovigilance database > M. Marion ROBERT CO-044 CO-044 - Knowledge and diffusion of take-home naloxone among people who use opioids > S. Salim Mezaache CO-045 CO-045 - What are the psychoactive substances consumed intravenously? 11 years of observation through the national program OPPIDUM > E. Elisabeth FRAUGER CO-046 CO-046 - Opioid cough suppressants: update addictovigilance data > V. Valérie GIBAJA CO-047 CO-047 - An overview of the use of psychoactive substances among students at the University of Lille > L. Louise CARTON CO-048 CO-048 - Cross-sectional study of the prevalence of opioids misuse in French patients with chronic non-cancer pain: an update with the French version of POMI scale > N. Noemie DELAGE

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