Pharmacologie cardiovasculaire

mardi 14 juin 2022
Sessions parallèles
Sessions parallèles S15 16h30 > 18h00 Pharmacologie cardiovasculaire Amphi Congrès Sessions parallèles

Modérateurs : Jérémie BELLIEN (Rouen), Laurent BERTOLETTI (Saint-Etienne)

Conférence invitée
16h30 Pharmacology of the clot: towards improved thrombolysis in ischemic stroke - Simon DE MEYER (Louvain, Belgique)

Communications libres

CO-025 CO-025 - Risk of first ischemic stroke and use of antidopaminergic antiemetics: a nationwide case-time-control study > A. Antoine PARIENTE CO-026 CO-026 - Gabapentinoid-induced peripheral edema and acute heart failure: a translational approach combining a nationwide pharmacovigilance study with preclinical experimental data > B. Bérenger Largeau CO-027 CO-027 - Prevalence and bleeding risk associated with the concomitant use of direct oral anticoagulants and antiarrhythmic drugs in patients with atrial fibrillation, based on the french healthcare insurance database > L. Laëtitia Gosselin CO-028 CO-028 - Inhibiting the phosphatase activity of soluble epoxide hydrolase reduces arterial calcification and prevents the cardiovascular complications of chronic kidney disease > H. Hind Messaoudi CO-029 CO-029 - Heart valves penetration of amoxicillin in infective endocarditis patients: first results from the BELADIFF study. > S. Sébastien LALANNE CO-030 CO-030 - Do 5-HT2B receptor agonists that recruit beta-arrestin 2 induce valvulopathy ? > E. Estelle AYME-DIETRICH

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