Pharmacologie clinique, méthodologie

mardi 14 juin 2022
Sessions parallèles
Sessions parallèles S13 16h30 > 18h00 Pharmacologie clinique, méthodologie Amphi A Sessions parallèles

Modérateurs : Silvy LAPORTE (Saint-Etienne), Théodora BEJAN-ANGOULVANT (Tours)

Conférence invitée
16h30 Comparaison généralisée par paires - Marc BUYSE (Louvain, Belgique)

Communications libres

CO-013 CO-013 - Response in the placebo group in randomized controlled trials for moderate-to-severe psoriasis > S. Sivem AFACH CO-014 CO-014 - Methodological issues in clinical trials assessing treatments in Raynaud’s Phenomenon: placebo response and regression towards the mean > M. Matthieu Roustit CO-015 CO-015 - Antihypertensive drug treatment alters the prognostic impact of blood pressure measured on treatment > G. Guillaume GRENET CO-016 CO-016 - Clinical trials in times of pandemic: adapting without losing quality (1/2). Embed a COVID-19 group in an ongoing trial. > P-F. Pierre-François DEQUIN CO-017 CO-017 - Adoptive immunotherapy with antiviral CTL infusion: French clinical and virological safety survey > N. Nadine PETITPAIN CO-018 CO-018 - Model-based network meta-analysis of the dose–response relationship of dexamethasone as adjuvant for locoregional anesthesia > E. Edouard OLLIER

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