Pharmacologie moléculaire et pré-clinique

mardi 14 juin 2022
Sessions parallèles
Sessions parallèles S10 13h30 > 15h00 Pharmacologie moléculaire et pré-clinique Salle des Thèses Sessions parallèles

Modérateurs : Véronique LEBLAIS (Paris), Nicolas CLÈRE (Angers)

Conférence invitée
13h30 Phospodiestérase et modulation pharmaco - Boris MANOURY (Chatenay-Malabry)

Communications libres

CO-001 CO-001 - Impact of the new CFTR modulators treatment on the respiratory epithelium. > E. Emmanuelle BARDIN CO-002 CO-002 - Pharmacokinetics study showed increased brain delivery of anti-PD-1 after ultrasound-mediated blood-brain barrier in glioblastoma mouse models > N. Noël ZAHR CO-003 CO-003 - TP53-mutant selection by MDM2 inhibition: single cell analysis and predictive assay > N. Nabih MASLAH CO-004 CO-004 - Modulation of HCN channel activity in oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy > M. Margaux Morez CO-005 CO-005 - Neuroprotective effect of hIg in mouse models of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy > M. Mohamad MROUE

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