JOUR 1 (PM1) : Mercredi 12 juin de 15h00 à 16h30

Zone jaune - Addictovigilance

  • PM1-001 - Characteristics, management and follow-up of patients with weak opioid analgesic use disorders - Hélène PEYRIÈRE (Montpellier)
  • PM1-002 - Cannabis-related cardiovascular outcomes observed in hospitalized inmates - Emilie JOUANJUS (Toulouse)
  • PM1-003 - Medical prescriptions of codeine, dextromethorphan, ethylmorphine and noscapine falsified by the patients before and after July 12th, 2017 in France - Emilie JOUANJUS (Toulouse)
  • PM1-004 - Interest of prazepam to decrease long term use of benzodiazepines - Elisabeth FRAUGER (Marseille)
  • PM1-005 - Teenagers and psychoactive substances: focus on a high school of excellence - Leïla CHAOUACHI (Paris)
  • PM1-006 - Internet, a new way of drugs acquisition: data from OPPIDUM survey - Elisabeth FRAUGER (Marseille)


Zone verte - Personnalisation/STP - Maladies infectieuses

  • PM1-007 - Optimization of the therapeutic range for therapeutic drug monitoring of posaconazole and isavuconazole using a bioassay approach - Elodie GAUTIER-VEYRET (Grenoble)
  • PM1-008 - Amikacin loading dose in critically ill patients: development of a non-parametric population pharmacokinetic model - Clément BOIDIN (Villeurbanne)
  • PM1-009 - Amikacin loading dose in critically ill patients: designing optimal dosing regimens based on stochastic control - Clément BOIDIN (Villeurbanne)
  • PM1-010 - Evaluation of the peritoneal fluid diffusion and pharmacokinetics of caspofungin in liver transplant recipient requiring antifungal prophylaxis - Claire PRESSIAT (Créteil)
  • PM1-011 - HIV maintenance treatment with darunavir monotherapy: exposure-response relationship (MONDARREE study) - Marie-Clémence VERDIER (Rennes)
  • PM1-012 - Validation of a pharmacokinetic model for Bayesian therapeutic drug monitoring of teicoplanin administered by subcutaneous route in elderly patients - Sylvain GOUTELLE (Lyon)
  • PM1-013 - Implementation and validation of a pharmacokinetic model for Bayesian therapeutic drug monitoring of daptomycin in patients with bone and joint infection - Sylvain GOUTELLE (Lyon)
  • PM1-014 - Littérature based construction of a vancomycin pharmacokinetic model in ICU patient under renal replacement therapy for any kind of renal replacement therapy settings - Edouard OLLIER (Saint-Etienne)


Zone rose - Pharmaco-épidémiologie - Grossesse et pédiatrie

  • PM1-015 - Requests for emergency contraception in community pharmacies: a cross-sectional survey - Emilie JOUANJUS (Toulouse)
  • PM1-016 - Prenatal drug exposure in children using psychiatric care: a study conducted in the POMME cohort - Justine BENEVENT (Toulouse)
  • PM1-017 - Exposure to fosfomycin trometamol during pregnancy: A descriptive study using the EFEMERIS database - Mélanie ARAUJO (Toulouse)
  • PM1-018 - Methylphenidate during pregnancy and the risk of congenital major malformations: a systematic review and meta-analysis. - Marine AUFFRET (Lyon)
  • PM1-019 - Pregabalin and major congenital malformations: a meta-analysis of observational etiologic studies - Marina ATZENHOFFER (Lyon)
  • PM1-020 - Risk of major congenital anomalies with first trimester exposure to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs): a meta-analysis of controlled observational studies - Thierry VIAL (Lyon)
  • PM1-021 - Gabapentine and major congenital malformations: a meta-analysis of etiologic observational studies - Guillame PINTE (Lyon)
  • PM1-022 - Antitumor necrosis factor during the first trimester of pregnancy and congenital malformations : a meta-analysis of etiologic observational studies - Aurore GOURAUD (Lyon)
  • PM1-023 - Overview of pediatrics inpatient medication errors in France - Thibault DE WITASSE-THEZY (Paris)
  • PM1-024 - Prescription of antiepileptic medicines including valproate in pregnant women: a collaborative European study - Caroline HURAULT-DELARUE (Toulouse)


Zone grise - Pharmacologie cardiovasculaire

  • PM1-025 - Coagulopathy, renal tubular dysfunction and novel biomarkers on Bothrops venom related-Acute Kidney Injury: a cohort study - Polianna LEMOS MOURA MOREIRA ALBUQUERQUE (Fortaleza)
  • PM1-026 - P2Y12 receptor constitutive activity as a new target for antiplatelet therapy - Véronique PONS (Toulouse)
  • PM1-027 - Arginase inhibition and vasorelaxant effects of Romanian plant extracts - Perle TOTOSON (Besançon)
  • PM1-028 - Vasorelaxant effect of Cyperus thunbergii on thoracic aorta rings from rats - Perle TOTOSON (Besançon)
  • PM1-029 - Nutritional strategies focus on nitric oxide pathway to improve macrovascular function: a systematic review and meta-analysis - Myrtille BEAU GUILLAUMOT (La Tronche)
  • PM1-030 - Phosphodiesterase-9 as a novel target to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension? - Boris MANOURY (Châtenay-Malabry)
  • PM1-031 - Renal function and bleeding in patients receiving anticoagulant therapy for venous thromboembolism: does the formula influence? - Judith CATELLA-CHATRON (Saint-Etienne)
  • PM1-032 - Study of thrombin generation in three populations of patients on oral anticoagulants: bleeding with reversion, haemorrhagic accidents without reversion or haemorrhagic accident - Moustafa FARÈS (Clermont-Ferrand)


Zone bleue - Pharmacovigilance - Méthodologie

  • PM1-033 - The use of Big Data in pharmacovigilance: a promising resource to improve signal detection and validation ? - Gabriel BEUZON (Lyon)
  • PM1-034 - MESANGE: a feasibility study of an electronic system for the reporting of drug misuse in primary care. - Marie-Blanche VALNET RABIER (Besançon)
  • PM1-035 - Management of a pharmacovigilance crisis by an institutional sponsor: the example of the DTG - Alpha DIALLO (Paris)
  • PM1-036 - Development of a document to improve signal detection in clinical trials through Standard MedDRA (SMQ) queries - Mojgane ABDOLMOHAMMADI (Pierre-Bénite)
  • PM1-037 - Adverse events to radiopharmaceuticals : evaluation of French pharmacovigilance reports - Sarah LANGLET (Montpellier)
  • PM1-038 - Serious adverse drug reactions identified as Drug-Drug interactions by the French spontaneous reporting system - Louis LÉTINIER (Bordeaux)
  • PM1-039 - What happens to the striking cases presented in the French pharmacovigilance technical committees? - Ghislaine BARI (Bordeaux)
  • PM1-040 - Collaboration between toxicology laboratory and pharmacovigilance centre: detection of non-spontaneously reported adverse effects - Wendy BOPP (Bordeaux)
  • PM1-041 - Evaluation of sensibility and specificity of Standardised MedDRA® Queries for pediatric cases in the French pharmacovigilance database - Anthony FACILE (Lyon)


JOUR 2 (PM2) : Jeudi 13 juin de 09h30 à 11h00


Zone jaune - Personnalisation/STP - Maladies oncologie et inflammation

  • PM2-001 - Therapeutic drug monitoring of inhaled therapies in hair of patients with asthma: a proof-of-concept study - Stanislas GRASSIN-DELYLE (Montigny Le Bretonneux)
  • PM2-002 - Impact of renal function of patients on the pharmacokinetics of hydroxyurea in normal-renal, hyperfiltrating and renal failure sickle cell disease patients - Claire PRESSIAT (Créteil)
  • PM2-003 - Infliximab concentrations and pharmacokinetic parameters predict the success of treatment de-escalation in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases: a population pharmacokinetics study - Antoine PETITCOLLIN (Rennes)
  • PM2-004 - Validation and clinical application of an ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the quantification of tacrolimus using volumetric absorptive microsampling. - Camille TRON (Rennes)
  • PM2-005 - Precision dosing of imatinib: a model-based approach to optimize achievement of target exposure - Sylvain GOUTELLE (Lyon)
  • PM2-006 - Validation of a new Bayesian tool for busulfan therapeutic drug monitoring in children - Sylvain GOUTELLE (Lyon)
  • PM2-007 - MinION® multiplex long read nanopore sequencing: an innovative and effective tool for thiopurine pharmacogenetics - Théo WILLEMAN (Grenoble)
  • PM2-008 - Weight gain induced by psychotropic drugs: contribution of a targeted metabolomic approach - Marie LENSKI (Lille)


Zone verte - Pharmaco-épidémiologie

  • PM2-009 - Evolution of drug prescription pattern in elderly: Retrolective study in local Hospital Center of France - Haleh BAGHERI (Toulouse)
  • PM2-010 - Trends in first gabapentin and pregabalin prescriptions in primary care in the United Kingdom, 1993-2017 - François MONTASTRUC (Montréal)
  • PM2-011 - Impact of Alzheimer’s drugs delisting for reimbursement in the north of France: a case-series - Camille POTEY (Lille)
  • PM2-012 - Do “Levothyrox®” and “yellow vests” crisis pertain to the same exutory process against authorities? - Milou-Daniel DRICI (Nice)
  • PM2-013 - Descriptive study of colchicine prescriptions associated with a drug contraindication in patients living in Brittany based on health insurance data. - Elisabeth POLARD (Rennes)
  • PM2-014 - A population-based description of chronic polypharmacy by sex and age - Jordan GUILLOT (Bordeaux)
  • PM2-015 - Impact of bariatric surgery on diabetes: a pharmaco-epidemiological perspective using the French health insurance data - Cécile CONTE (Toulouse)
  • PM2-016 - Impact of bariatric surgery on analgesic and psychotropic drug consumption: a pharmaco-epidemiological study in the French health insurance database - Cécile CONTE (Toulouse)
  • PM2-017 - Patterns of use and diversion of prescription drugs in France: Analysis of the data recorded in the OSIAP survey since 2013 - Emilie JOUANJUS (Toulouse)
  • PM2-018 - Potentially inappropriate medications and risk of autonomy loss for Activities of Daily Living in the elderly - Pernelle NOIZE (Bordeaux)


Zone rose - Pharmacologie clinique

  • PM2-019 - Observational study of the management of patients with chronic pain: OKAPI study - Alexandrine CORRIGER (Clermont-Ferrand)
  • PM2-020 - Relationship between anticholinergic drugs and Potentially Inappropriate Medications in elderly's prescription: a retrolective study - Haleh BAGHERI (Toulouse)
  • PM2-021 - Performing a large number of overlapping meta-analyses assessing acupuncture efficacy for smoking cessation to explore vibration of effects - Florian NAUDET (Rennes)
  • PM2-022 - Pregabalin and suicidality - Aude LAMBERT (Strasbourg)
  • PM2-023 - A survey on French hospital physicians’ certification to the Good Clinical Practices - Claire FOUGEROU-LEURENT (Rennes)
  • PM2-024 - Barriers and difficulties in informed consent process in clinical trials with small children: a systematic literature review - Catherine CORNU (Villeurbanne)
  • PM2-025 - Impact of Data Safety Monitoring Board quality on clinical trials safety management: analysis of non-conformity - Noémi RICARD (Lyon)
  • PM2-026 - ISO 9001 certification process in clinical trials: contribution of quality tools to the safety management system in a vigilance unit - Léo ROUSSET (Lyon)
  • PM2-027 - Assessment of drug adherence to oral antibacterial therapy in bone and joint infections: a pilot study - Sylvain GOUTELLE (Lyon)
  • PM2-028 - Response rate of systemic lupus erythematosus in trials assessing biologic agents: a meta-analysis - Clémentine POILROUX (Lyon)


Zone grise - Pharmacologie moléculaire, cellulaire, préclinique

  • PM2-029 - Impact of interleukin-6 on hepatic and intestinal drug metabolizing-enzymes and transporters - Florian SIMON (Oullins)
  • PM2-030 - Impact of interleukin-6 on hepatic and blood brain barrier transporters - Florian SIMON (Villeurbanne)
  • PM2-031 - Use of an invertebrate living model Caenorhabditis elegans to predict and characterize toxicity of pharmaceuticals - Paméla DUGUES (Garches)
  • PM2-032 - Neuropharmacokinetic impact of the P-glycoprotein-mediated efflux clearance property of the blood-brain barrier: first human PET data with 11Cmetoclopramide - Nicolas TOURNIER (Orsay)
  • PM2-033 - Circulating T-cell subsets variations in the early period after adalimumab introduction in Crohn’s disease: preliminary results of the PREMICI study - Antoine PETITCOLLIN (Rennes)
  • PM2-034 - Dual effect of adiponectin on human bronchial epithelial cells - Hélène SALVATOR (Suresnes)


Zone bleue - Pharmacovigilance - Cardiovasculaire et infectiologie

  • PM2-035 - What fluoroquinolones have the highest risk of aortic aneurysm? A case non-case study in VigiBase® - François MONTASTRUC (Toulouse)
  • PM2-036 - Ticagrelor and central sleep apnea - Bruno REVOL (Grenoble)
  • PM2-037 - Breast cancer and spironolactone: a study in VigiBase ® - Jean-Louis MONTASTRUC (Toulouse)
  • PM2-038 - Ten most frequent drug-drug interactions among aging HIV patients receiving combined antiretroviral therapy: Strategy to avoid them - Paul BESNIER (Caen)
  • PM2-039 - Deleterious effects of prenatal exposure to renin-angiotensin system blockers: still a need for greater awareness - Annie-Pierre JONVILLE-BERA (Tours)
  • PM2-040 - Interference between methotrexate and fluoroquinolones: not only with ciprofloxacin. - Aurélie GRANDVUILLEMIN (Dijon)
  • PM2-041 - Risk of venous thromboembolism with zoledronic acid : a pharmacoepidemiological study in VigiBase, the WHO global database of individual case safety reports - Anaïs MAURIER (Angers)
  • PM2-042 - Fluoroquinolone-induced photosensitivity: a chemical fragment-based approach by a case / non-case study in VigiBase® - Yoann ZELMAT (Toulouse)
  • PM2-043 - Heart failure with azacytidine: a case series and an analysis of the WHO pharmacovigilance database - Justine PERINO (Bordeaux)
  • PM2-044 - Angiotensin receptor blockers induced cough: a case/non-case study in Vigibase® - Xavier HUMBERT (Caen)


Zone violette - Pharmacovigilance - Neurologie, oncologie, dermatologie

  • PM2-045 - Drug-Induced Parkinsonism around the world: an 18 years’ pharmacovigilance study in VigiBase® - Sibyllle DE GERMAY (Toulouse)
  • PM2-046 - Which opioids in case of mast cell activation disorders? - Marion LEPELLEY (Grenoble)
  • PM2-047 - Drug-induced linear immunoglobulin A bullous dermatosis: A French retrospective pharmacovigilance study of 69 cases - Bénédicte LEBRUN-VIGNES (Paris)
  • PM2-048 - Low-dose intramuscular Methotrexate-induced Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in a 10-year-old child : case report of positive rechallenge. - Aurélie GRANDVUILLEMIN (Dijon)
  • PM2-049 - Largest case series of serious Central Nervous System side effects reports with ceftriaxone in the French Pharmacovigilance Database: a national analysis - Clémence LACROIX (Marseille)
  • PM2-050 - Drug-induced retinal detachment: focus on cobimetinib - Léo VEREMME (Saint-Etienne)
  • PM2-051 - Microtubule-Driven Stress Granule Dynamics Regulate Inhibitory Immune Checkpoint Expression in T Cells and increase the risk of autimmunity adverse drug reactions : Analysis from Vigibase - Fabien DESPAS (Toulouse)
  • PM2-052 - Lidocaine, severe risks that are too often unknown - Delphine CALLOT (Paris)
  • PM2-053 - A safety signal of somnambulism with the use of antipsychotics: a pharmacovigilance disproportionality analysis - Amandine GOUVERNEUR (Bordeaux)

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