Jeudi 14 Juin

08h00 - 09h00

Réunion REVISE


09h00 - 10h30

Sclérose en Plaques

  • Modérateurs : Gilles PAINTAUD (Tours), Fanny ROCHER (Nice)

Conférences invitées

09h00 De la physiopathologie à la pharmacologie - Lennart MARS (Lille)

09h30 Événements démyélinisants et biothérapies (non neurologiques) - Gilles DEFER (Caen)

10h00 Conduire un traitement médicamenteux de la sclérose en plaques : quels critères pour le meilleur rapport bénéfice/risques - Thibault MOREAU (Dijon)



09h00 - 10h30 


  • Modératrices : Joëlle MICALLEF (Marseille), Caroline VICTORRI-VIGNEAU (Nantes)

Conférence invitée

09h00 Fentanyloïdes : la vigilance des ultra opioïdes - Michel MALLARET (Grenoble)

Communications libres

09h30  CO-043 - Overview of new doping trends by misuse of patented drugs, biosimilars or new agents in development. Consequences for the fight against doping - Antoine COQUEREL (Caen)

09h40  CO-044 - Recreational antitussive and antihistamine drug poisoning in adolescents and young adults reported to a French Poison Control Center - Nicolas DELCOURT (Toulouse)

09h50  CO-045 - Safety of cabergoline in lactation inhibition during the puerperal period - Laurent CHOUCHANA (Paris)

10h00  CO-046 - Abuse and dependence potential of levetiracetam - Basile CHRETIEN (Caen)

10h10  CO-047 - Contribution of social media content monitoring to the identification of suspected adverse reactions to birth control arm implants: a comparison with literature monitoring - Yannick LE PRIOL (Paris)

10h20  CO-048 - Use of digestive disorders medications by children exposed in utero to atropinic drugs - Justine BENEVENT (Toulouse)



11h00 - 12h00 

Pharmacologie clinique / méthodologie

  • Modérateurs : Pierre-Olivier GIRODET (Bordeaux), Olivier BLIN (Marseille)

Communications libres

11h00  CO-049 - Salbutamol nebulization during non-invasive ventilation in exacerbated COPD patients: a multicentre blinded randomized controlled trial - Laetitia BODET-CONTENTIN (Tours)

11h10  CO-050 - Use of oral glucocorticoids in adults: a population-based study - Anne BÉNARD-LARIBIÈRE (Bordeaux)

11h20  CO-051 - On demand sildenafil as a treatment of Raynaud’s Phenomenon: a series of N-of-1 trials - Matthieu ROUSTIT (Grenoble)

11h30  CO-052 - Hemorrhagic and thrombotic events in patients treated with anti-angiogenic therapies: impact of study design on the results assessed by meta-analysis - Jane-Chloé TRONE, Silvy LAPORTE (Saint Etienne)

11h40  CO-053 - The key role of inhaler use in COPD: a real-life study - Mathieu MOLIMARD (Bordeaux)

11h50  CO-054 - Impact of activated charcoal early and delayed administration on rivaroxaban pharmacokinetic - Edouard OLLIER (Saint Etienne)



11h00 - 12h00 

Communications libres

  • Modérateurs : Pierre-François DEQUIN (Tours), Elisabeth POLARD (Rennes)

11h00  CO-055 - Impact of Rennes incident on French clinical trial regulation - Cyrielle CONCHE (Lyon)

11h10  CO-056 - Exposure to troxerutin during pregnancy: risk of congenital anomalies for the fetus? - Caroline HURAULT-DELARUE (Toulouse)

11h20  CO-057 - What to think about patient notifications? - Audrey LAGNEAU (Nice)

11h30  CO-058 - Evaluation of safety and efficacy of antiTNFα treatment during pregnancy in inflammatory bowel disease. Study on the French national PMSI database (EVASION) - Maxime LUU (Dijon)

11h40  CO-059 - Transgenerational effects of in utero exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES): genital birth defects in « DES grandsons » (third generation) - Christophe FERREIRA-DE-MATOS (Toulouse)

11h50  CO-060 - Infliximab serum concentration and risk of infections in spondyloarthritis - Theodora BEJAN-ANGOULVANG (Tours)



11h00 - 12h00 

STP - Personnalisation des traitements

  • Modérateurs : Xavier DELAVENNE (Saint-Etienne), Jean-Baptiste WOILLARD (Limoges)

Communications libres

11h00  CO-061 - Population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of spinal anesthesia with ropivacaine - Zoubir DJERADA (Reims)

11h10  CO-062 - Population kinetics of factor VIII in mild hemophilia A patients following desmopressin intravenous administration - Cyril LEVEN (Brest)

11h20  CO-063 - Towards therapeutic drug monitoring of mycophenolic acid in cicatricial pemphigoid patients - Jean-Baptiste WOILLARD (Limoges)

11h30  CO-064 - Estimating pharmacokinetic parameters of infliximab using only one concentration measurement - David TERNANT (Tours)

11h40  CO-065 - Population pharmacokinetics and Monte-Carlo simulations of posaconazole administered as tablets in a real-life cohort of patients with hematological malignancies: towards dose reduction? - Antoine PETITCOLLIN (Rennes)

11h50  CO-066 - Development of a Bayesian estimator based on limited sampling strategies for Advagraf® and Prograf® in de novo adult liver transplant patients - Camille RIFF (Limoges)



12h00 – 12h15 

Remise des différents prix de la SFPT


Clôture du Congrès

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